Kingston Community Hub

Location: Kingston, UK

Completion Date: On-going

Size: 6270m2

Client: Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames

We have been commissioned by the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames to masterplan a large community development, designed to create a serene, relaxing environment for the elderly. The development boasts of a 3 storey care home, 3 no. 2 storey residential flats, 3 no. children’s home with playground, all new build.The main design idea is to create structures of more humane and domestic scale, around pocket courtyards which will be landscaped., creating a user-centred, beautiful, homey atmosphere. The Care Home has been strategically placed at the front of the site as it is the largest block and does not pose problems such as overshadowing and overlooking other adjoining buildings. The Children’s Home is placed at the far end of the site, keeping any noise and acidity away from the senior residents. The Care Home has in total 52 units, the 3no. resident blocks accommodate in total 30 units, and a further 11 bed spaces for the Children’s Home.