Korean War Memorial Park for Civil Victims

Location: Dong-gu, Daejeon, South Korea

Completion Date: Competition Entry

Client: Government of Dong-gu district

Co-Designers: Dario Kristic, Sabina Tanovic, Hyungsoon Kim and Tszwai So

This is a competition entry for the 2020 international design competition. Upon arrival at the car park, visitors will walk down a ramp towards an underpass beneath the new road. The ramp is divided into two by a row of pillars connected by Most threats, separating the incoming visitors from the outgoing ones. On the retaining walls along the entrance ramp are engraved with quotations from the survivors and bereaved families. After the underpass, visitors will walk up the ramp to emerge at the entrance plateau. Here one enters a place of trauma, persevered and enhanced through archival images juxtaposed with the excavation pits. Visitors can choose not to enter. The protection structures are low-key architectural interventions using simple wooden framework, rammed earth and a see-through Mosi fabric to allow some visual connection with the surroundings. The Memorial Museum is at the centre of the emotional journey. Reminiscent of a traditional Korean village – domestic space which most Korean people had to leave behind during the war. To proceed towards the Memorial Hall, a visitor has to take the transitional pathway by crossing a footbridge over a small stream branch separating the museum and the Memorial Hall to allow space for transition between the two experiences – one loaded with information and the other dedicated to contemplation and repose.