Tszwai So

Founding Director

/ˈziːwʌɪ ˈsəʊ/

‘A perfectionist whose passion inspires everyone’ – RIBA Journal

Named a rising star by the RIBA Journal in 2016, Tszwai received his degree and Ho Fook Prize in Architecture at the University of Hong Kong in 2003, under the tutelage of eminent real estate developer, Donald Choi of Nan Fung Development. Tszwai later studied for a master’s degree at the University of Cambridge on a full Building History Bursary, where he was supervised by Prof. Alan Powers, an authority on Modernism. Tszwai is a RIBA chartered architect, a university lecturer at the University of Westminster, a trustee for Heritage Trust Network and a published architectural historian. Tszwai has taught and lectured widely in the UK and abroad, outside of work he enjoys reading and drawing.