Tszwai So

Founding Director

/ˈziːwʌɪ ˈsəʊ/

Tszwai So, who was identified as a rising star by the RIBA Journal in 2016, is the founder of Spheron Architects. He is a strong proponent of Emotional Architecture – focusing on the emotional aspect of Architecture (watch the videos below about his approach). Tszwai is also an architectural critic for influential industry publications such as the RIBA Journal, a former committee member of the Foundation for Jewish Heritage and a RIBA Professional examiner and tutor at the University of Westminster. Tszwai also sits on the Harrow Council Design Review Panel. Outside of work he enjoys reading and drawing.

Tszwai So in conversation with Hugh Pearman MBE at Wolfson College, University of Cambridge on Vimeo.

Emotional Architecture – Tszwai So from Wolfson College, Cambridge on Vimeo.

Tszwai explaining the gestation of the Belarusian Memorial Chapel for Open House on youtube.